ASaP Goes to Cambridge for ArtScience Talk at Le Lab

ASaP went to Harvard in late February to tell its story and highlight the need for arts education for medical practitioners as a way to help them navigate in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty. Dr. Jay Baruch joined Rachel Balaban and Julie Strandberg for a presentation to an audience of 75 to address questions like why should physicians be taught to think like "science-using" artists and what happens when physicians and artists work together as partners to improve the health of patients? 

Highlights from Spring Semester 2016

Our ASaP spring semester was a busy one. It started with our annual ASaP Symposium, with the theme of Arts Programming in Health-Designing the Next Steps including guests Dr. Sara Houston, David Leventhal, Dr. Barry Prizant, Dr. Colleen Cavanaugh, Jane Hesser and Deanna Camputaro. The day included workshops, a lec-dem and discussion groups, ending with a design workshop led by student/TA Miranda Olson. The design workshop provided attendees with inspiring ways to put their ideas into action.