Join  the  DAPpers  Movement


Ashamu Dance Studio, Brown University

83 Waterman St, Providence, RI 02912

(east end of Lyman Hall)

Class open to all ages and abilities and designed for people with movement challenges. Instruction by Rachel Balaban, Regional Coordinator for Dance for PD assisted by Brown University students.


  • Increase  coordination  and  flexibility  while  releasing  body  tension
  •  Improve  balance  and  gait,  strengthen  your  core,  feel  power  and  grace  in  your  movements
  • Enhance  awareness  of  your  body  and  aliveness  through  movement
  • Breathe  more  deeply  and  vocalize  more  fully
  • Experience  different  types  of  music  that  can  affect  you  in  different  ways
  • Feel  supported  as  you  explore  in  a  safe  and  comfortable  environment
  • Socialize  within  a  friendly  and  supportive  community

 No experience required. Caregivers welcome.  

Contact  Rachel Balaban: Balaban.rachel@gmail.com  401.261.7062