Pamela Quinn visits ASaP

ASaP was delighted to have Pamela Quinn return to Brown to present to our

class again. She spoke of her personal and professional experience with

Parkinson’s disease. She took us through her time when her symptoms first

appeared 25 years ago and described how she approached her own

version of therapeutic movement which was informed by both her training in

ballet and modern dance. After showing us examples of her choreography and

how it was structured to make use of cues, she instructed the students to make

their own short dances, each one including an audible, tactile and visual cue. 

We added music to those who wanted it.  Imaginative and creative solutions

came from all the groups as well as lots of smiles and laughter. They were


The take away for the students was to encourage them to believe in their own

convictions, however versed or new they are to a situation. That was key in

Quinn’s own approach to her condition.

Pam quinn--students dancing.jpg
Pam Quinn and class.jpg